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"I worked with Chris for 9 months and my experience could not have been better. My purpose for starting training with Chris was to get physically prepared for my wedding. Chris listened to my goals and created a custom program to help me not only reach but exceed them. I achieved both weight and fat loss and was able to see significant improvement in my overall strength. I continued to work with Chris for months after my wedding because I was so happy with the program and results I was seeing. I now have the confidence and skills to continue strength training on my own thanks to Chris. I could not be more proud to recommend Chris to anyone looking for a personal trainer in NYC."

"I started to work with Chris after Covid, being lazy, overeating - I really wanted to change my lifestyle - and I can promise it was my best decision ever made!! He stays on top of our weekly check-ins. He's very supportive and gives lots of tips and advice to get better. My technique has improved so much. I love working with Chris - I've been working out continuously with the Parnell Plan for 2 years and I will continue. Programs are easy to follow. I would recommend doing this to anyone wanting to get fit or wanting to look or feel better about themselves. Absolutely loving this program!" 

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I have always been an athlete but I had never done any weight training before I started working with Chris. He was so encouraging and really built up my confidence that even though it was tough trying something new that I would progress in no time. By the end of our first ten sessions my body and confidence had completely changed. His attention to alignment, what my goals were and the results I saw after each session kept me going back to such a knowledgeable coach.

Alex P. 

"With just one fitness assessment and a conversation over Zoom, Chris was able to create a training program that was perfectly tailored to my lifestyle right at that moment with no heavyweights, barbells, benches, or other equipment. What was even more surprising were the results I saw within just my first month of following Chris’ fitness and diet plan. I got a lot stronger and leaner very quickly, to say the least. The aspect of Chris’ training style that sets him apart from any other trainer I’ve worked with is his emphasis on creating a sustainable routine that is personalized to your lifestyle. Working with Chris for these last five months have been the most transformative of my six-year journey in fitness. His breadth of knowledge, experience, and passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals is invaluable!"

Elliot S.

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