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What is The Parnell Plan?

Our unique combination of science-backed nutrition and training expertise ensures your success


Personalized Transformation

Get tailored and reliable guidance on training and nutrition. Whether you want to improve your physique, boost performance, or enhance well-being, we're here to guide you with strategies that work.


Science-Based Coaching

We provide an evidence-backed approach honed through practical experience, ensuring you reach your goals efficiently and effectively.


No Nonsense Approach

We're committed to your success. With proven strategies and a passion for steering you away from what doesn't work, we empower you to achieve your fitness aspirations with confidence.

The Parnell Plan

Achieve the transformation you desire in just 12 weeks with our data-driven in-person training and personalized nutrition program. 

Nutrition and training expertise means you will see changes

We provide a range of expertise to support you throughout your fitness journey so that you can achieve your health and aesthetic goals.

Ryan Burke

Ryan Burke

Nutrition and Body Composition Specialist

Elizabeth Arias

Elizabeth Arias

Online Coach Programming Specialist

Chris Parnell

Chris Parnell

Master Coach

Frankie Garcia

Frankie Garcia

Nutrition and Body Composition Specialist

Why you should believe us

We study, practice and live what we preach

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