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Training Program Design Specialist


Elizabeth is a proud mother, exercise-science professor, and a diligent graduate student of the Human Performance and Fitness program at Lehman College. She is an NSCA-certified personal trainer and a founding coach here at the Parnell Plan. When Elizabeth is not racking up plates on her bench or deadlift she is firmly coaching her clients to achieve their strength and aesthetic goals.

Elizabeth is a real-life super-mom. When Elizabeth isn’t running after her energetic toddler, she is cultivating a comfortable, open, and science-driven environment in her Practical Weight Training college course. She equips her students and prepares her clients with the tools and knowledge needed to feel secure and develop strong self-efficacy in the gym. 

Elizabeth’s primary focus has been strength training, with previous experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These experiences and her passion for exercise science have given her the ability to enhance her clients' strength, body composition goals, and, most importantly, their quality of life. Whether in-person or online, Elizabeth's passion for helping others achieve their pursuits in fitness is always apparent.

Elizabeth Arias

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