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Commit to the journey in 2024 and witness the change!

Join our 12-Week
Transformation Challenge!


A client-proven,

science-driven process to help you achieve your fitness goals

We educate you about how to make nutrition work for you to create long-term sustainability.

Together, we'll train hard. Set up your schedule with your trainer and track progress and get feedback. You'll have access to coaches  and a myriad of programs on the site to help them reach their performance and/or aesthetic goals. 

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“Chris came in the door with an open mind and ready to learn everything. Chris can go deep on exercise theory with just about anyone. He constantly thinks and refines his process. 


Chris is the ideal coach for any client looking for GAINS and fat loss!! Chris can do it all but this man loves building muscle mass. He lives the lifestyle and embodies the discipline and consistency it takes to succeed.


Chris brings it every session and we can’t thank him enough for his positive energy and dedication to his craft.” 

Soho Strength Lab


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