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Chris Parnell

Chris Parnell is a strength/muscle building coach based in New York City. He has traveled the nation touring with his clients, competed with the world's largest natural bodybuilding federation, and has helped over 300+ clients during his career. These achievements and relationships have gotten Chris featured in Business Insider and Livestrong. 


Chris has acquired partnerships with Rhone, a mens sports apparel company, and Cellcor C4Energy, the nation's leading pre-workout supplement. These companies help keep him comfortable throughout his day training clients, and fuel him during his own workout routines.


Chris' training style is muscle building, strength training, and adhering to a diet that is sustainable. Along with scientific evidence and his personal experience, his philosophy is that's the equation for a longer and happier life. 


Chris is known to "practice what he preaches". This is to be an example to his peers,  friends, and clients. Chris is a TIA (transient ischemic attack) survivor. Chris is currently coaching clients with nutrition and has customized all programs you see on the site.

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