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Free Report Reveals Diet Soda can assist With Weight Loss!

Continue drinking!, If you did not know, I am currently in a caloric deficit or weight loss phase. That is, I am consuming fewer calories than I normally would, with the goal in mind to lose weight/lose fat. The other day I was consuming my favorite Coca-Cola Coke Zero beverage, zero calories, . As I took a sip a someone shouted, "those are bad for you!". I immediately slapped my hand on my forehead and shook my head. This person continued to mention the carcinogenic effects of artificial sweeteners. Firstly, it's out of the scope of this email to dive into that, however, just know it will take drinking nearly 3 dozen diet sodas a day for a long period of time to encounter any carcinogenic effects of artificial sweeteners. It's the dosage that matters!, ,

I thought I'd look into diet soda's and artificial sweeteners a bit more. I found something more extraordinary and practical. I found several studies examining the effects of diet beverages in comparison with water for weight loss.

Not only did researchers find that diet beverages help with weight loss but diet beverages also helps improve health markers, i.e. blood pressure,

The big takeaway for me was not only do diet beverages help with reducing calories it also promotes long-term adherence. This could be for a myriad of reasons such as the variety of flavors and options, i.e caffeinated or carbonated, . This serves as a great choice when in a weight loss phase. Mainly because a diet beverage can serve as that flavor you were craving. This can increase satiety or simply be satisfying. Keep this in mind when your goal is weight loss! This can make dieting much more sustainable.,

Illustrated below is my weight loss journey for the past month. It's worth mentioning, other favorite diet beverages, low calorie beverages, of mine are Celsius and Spindrift.,

Please read full report below.

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