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12-week Data Driven Body Recomp Challenge

With our Data-Driven Training and Nutrition program your will achieve the transformation you desire in just 12 weeks. With weekly check-ins with your personal trainer and full commitment to the program, you'll be well on your way to achieving your goals. 



  • You know how to use equipment in the gym 

  • You know to find the equipment you need in the gym 

  • You will train 3x a week with a Parnell Plan training routine

  • The training program recommended will be based on your training history, movement patterns, and needs

  • The information you provide will help us create a program for you


  • Required to deliver weekly Loom video check-in 

  • Required to answer all questions clients have leading up to the call

  • Required to be the social support the client needs

  • Required to answer questions regarding programming or nutrition


  • You will receive a tailored nutrition plan

  • This includes protein, carbohydrates, fat options (to eat) and protein, carbohydrate, and fat daily macro target goals 

  • The foods we recommend are proven to enhance training performance, health, aesthetics, and mood states

  • These targets are designed and calculated based on information you provide (maybe on a questionnaire) 

  • You may not reach your macro targets on day one or two, so do not sweat it. However, by the end of week 1 you NEED to have all your ducks in a row regarding nutrition

  • You will receive recipes/meal  ideas, however, you do not have to adopt them. You can create your own recipes. The fun part is this is a flexible diet, so, the most important part is adopting and adhering to your macro targets


By using our services, you acknowledge that you may be rejected to train with us due to health and safety concerns, and that not everyone's results will be the same. The program will NOT work if you do not follow nutrition guidelines.

What you will need

To start the plan, you will need a few measurement tools so that you can track and see your progress. Think of your 'Back to school' days!

Image by Tyler Nix

A food scale

Something like this will work

Melissa 6_2022-7_2023.JPG

Your progress photos

Screenshot 2023-07-29 at 17.00_edited.jpg

An Eros Smart Body Fat Scale

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Cronometer-Logo---Mandarin 1.png

A food tracking app

We recommend Cronometer

Are you ready to get lean?

For the plan to work we'll need 12 weeks of:

  • Complete dedication 

  • Complete focus 


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