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The Parnell Workout Programs

This is a variety of exercise programs designed to help meet your goal of the desired muscle-building routine. This ranges from beginner level to more advanced lifters. The difficulty level is shown by the dumbbell scale beside each program. The more dumbbells that are highlighted, the more difficult the program.


Each program has a list of Group Sets. The exercises are listed in order A1, B1, and so on. If you see two exercises listed like A1, A2 this simply means it's a superset (meaning you’re performing them back to back). 


There are no rest periods listed. For best practices rest as long as you need to so that you feel 100% going into the next set. This does not mean to take a vacation.


You’ll notice Reps In Reserve RIR throughout each program. This is an autoregulation method used to help measure your level of perceived exertion during each program (More of that in our glossary).

Lastly, finish these all the way through for BEST results.


We’ll see you on the other side!

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